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  • Twilight Zone ?

    With all the rain yesterday I waded through my desk and found something I didn't know about. My friend Jerry and I bought a 58 Dodge D300 truck in PA two years ago as a parts truck. The previous owners name, who died in 1988, was Richard Albright Jr. We bought it from his widow who said it was a one owner truck. The 1958 Dodge D100 Sweptside we just finished restoring came from Notus Idaho last year. It's owner also lived in the same PA town and his name was Richard Albright Sr. I know this from registration cards that I found in the glove box. I never put the two together until yesterday since Jerry handled the title work as I loaded the truck. It was kind of a Twilight Zone moment for second. For those too young to remember Twilight Zone google it. What are the chances of this happening buying two trucks from father and son owners on opposite sides of the country and having them here in Indiana?
    Ron in Indiana

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    Twilight Zone

    Hello Ron,

    What is the name of the town in Pa?



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      Mill Hall PA This is how we found it in Idaho
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      Ron in Indiana


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        It's a small Dodge world. Looking at that picture makes me have to compliment you again, you did an amazing job on the sweptside.


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          Thanks Andy you do some mighty fine work yourself.
          Ron in Indiana


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            Ron, although I am some what of a young pup ;) I do remember the twilight zone.

            And that is a great story on those trucks. You my friend have too much fun at work.
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