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  • tires

    Ron, what doyou like to on these Power Giant Wagons for tires my 57 W100 has newish 8 17.5 bias tires but they are out of round and can't be balanced?
    i'd like to drive it a little but not shaking everything apart

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    You're pretty limited with 17.5 rims for tire selection. I put STA M&S tires on the 17.5's I come across but these are still bias ply construction. I did have a 57 come here with Hankook 17.5 radials but they were hiway tread and really heavy 10 ply tires.
    Ron in Indiana


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      See if you can find a shop with a tire trueing machine.
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        I have looked for someone who still operates a tire truing machine but they most have gone to the wayside with the advent of radials. That of course is the best solution.
        Another random thought can a 16 wheel be placed on that bolt pattern? With similar appearance?
        Migwesh for your answers