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    I bought some bias ply tires some time ago. They were out of round but finally found out there was a Goodyear store in Fergus Falls that did truing. After driving the 45 miles there @ 35 mph, I was able to drive home 55-65 what a dream to drive now. They were reasonable friendly people, oh, I even got a garbage of shaving GREAT DAY. They've tires for guys from Mpls, Winnipeg & Billings, apparently this is a lost art
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    Glad you got your tires round again. One or two shops around here can do that. Did you have them balanced too?
    Ron in Indiana


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      I should do that with the monster Kelly-Springfields on my W600, but they're old & I don't think anyone nearby does that.

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        Just keep asking I heard a lot of nos until another tire co. refered me to these folks
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          I did an article in PWA a few years back on this.
          The company that makes the machine has a list of the shops that can
          It is indeed a lost art as the radial tires seem to be less likely to need it than bias.
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            I did have them balanced as well, what a great experience zipping down the road @ 55mph again