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1957 NP201 shifter clarification

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  • 1957 NP201 shifter clarification

    I finally have the axles in place and operable. Next is the brakes and Transfer Case. I've confirmed it's the original NP201 with the 10 bolt cover and it seems fine. The shifter looks to be a hack job like so much of this truck. It's a single lever with shifter rods bolted above and below the pivot point and going straight to the rails. A third Rod is bolted to the case and holds thing in position. I believe it should be a single rod going to a link (that isn't there) between the shift rods. As I see it, there is no way it can work, and it doesn't seem to.

    In the VPW catalog Transfer Case: page #46 Shifter Assembly 2STCSLA says it works on my "G" '57 TW-PW TC. Is this for a NP201 and if I mount it will it work?

    I ask because on VPW catalog Data Plate: Page #91 there is a listing for a dash plate #36 that shows Single Lever 1957-60, 4 Position Lever with High and Low Range. That sure sounds like the NP201. Is this shifter available? I've scowered e-bay, Pirate and Google. Everything is for a NP205.
    No other dash plates show a two stick shifter for a 1957 "G"..??


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    Found the answer...L Series FSM

    Bought an old "L" Series FSM last year and finally opened it up, it has no reference to dates in it. Under the transfer case section it shows exactly what my '57 has in it! Faxon FSM seller has it listed as a 1958 manual.

    Now how did a 1958 FSM have the shifter in my '57 in it?
    Still need to check the TC operation to see if it matches the shift pattern on page 64.
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      I am certainly not very informed on the 57-60 era of trucks but I seemed to think that all NP200 & NP201 equipped vehicles were twin stick.

      Have you asked on Joes PW site or one of the sweptline forums?

      1975 W600


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        Well I just googled some pictures of 58,59 trucks & looks like I was wrong. I only see one t-case lever in the interior photos. Hmmm.

        1975 W600