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Dr Peppers 57 Window repairs...

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  • Dr Peppers 57 Window repairs...

    First off, got my rebuilt drivers door latch back from John Geidl at "Door Latch Repair" and it is super..!!!! Thank you..!!!

    Both door windows...?
    I've searched the PWA threads about window repairs, got the link to "Restoration Specialties", downloaded their 232 page catalog... wow!
    So, any advice on where I can find "how to's..." for this part of the project. Doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation on materials needed and reinstalling the windows. Drivers door glass and lift are ok but all the soft parts are worn out or gone.
    Recommendations on adhesives I will need and where they are used?
    Not sure what questions to ask yet.

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    I have done a number of windows and will be doing them on the 57 TW in the shop now. I don't have my Restoration specialties book in front of me to give you part numbers for the window channels and such. Steel Rubber Products has new vent window rubber and division bars for our trucks and they are excellent. I sent in a good set for them to copy. I'll try to remember to get my book at the shop and compile what you will need. You will need your old rigid channel with the angle at the bottom to use for the new channel and to stiffen the new channel as well. I've asked if they could have them made with a heavier gauge channel but was told no can't be done. I piggy back a piece of the old channel below the vent wing to add support or else the channel flexes. IF and that's a big IF I had the time and equipment to do a video I would. Hang in there Dr P Ill get back with you. Ron
    Ron in Indiana


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      No hurry Ron...

      Got about a month before I have time to do the door. Better half is going out of town to visit relatives so priorities will change.
      So, I want to be ready when things settle....