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1964 W300 Drum/Axel Hub

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  • 1964 W300 Drum/Axel Hub

    Hi member here...former owner of a 1948 WM-300...long time gone; and now a 1964 W-300. The rear axle hubs through the brake drum. The plate/hub that unites the axle and drum has broken. I am looking to see if any of you might have a "spare" that would be available for sale?

    Please reach me at 845-820-1127 (or email at

    thank you very much.

    Dan Noonan

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    Welcome Dan, try posting this in the W Series area or in the looking for group.
    Have fun and enjoy the forum and your truck!
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      thanks! I will do (once my feeble self can figure out where that is...)...


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        We stock the regular service closed knuckle parts for your 1958-1978 Dodge Power WagonŽ 4x4 with a closed knuckle Dana 70 front axle which will have 12 bolt Knuckle Ball Hemisphere Seals. With a Closed Knuckle axle, the axle universal joints and king pin bearings are lubricated by very heavy oil or a viscous grease that will flow when the axle shafts rotate. A large multi-piece seal is bolted to the backside of the steering knuckle to keep lubricant in and water out. On poorly maintained closed knuckle axles or axles equipped with lockout hubs that are rarely used in 4x4, the upper king pin bearing and axle universal joint can suffer from lack of lubrication.