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M880 front axle into a 1969 W200

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  • M880 front axle into a 1969 W200

    Hello there
    I would like to swap an Dana 44 open knuckle front axle from a M880 into my W200 1969 truck.
    Would that be possible and also fit my truck? What else do I have to consider??
    I would like to convert it also to locking front hubs.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Yes it would work, but you could skip a step by getting a Dana 44 axle from a 80-84 W200, which would already have the selectable locking hubs. I'm assuming that your 69 is a W200? The half-tons varied more between 69 & post72.

    Of course you'd have to use your 69 steering linkage, which is much different than post-72 trucks.

    1975 W600


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      Hi Bucky
      Thanks for the advice. Yes Its a W200. About the axle, all I can get here in Europe ( I'm from Switzerland) are the M880 front axle with discs. We have a lot of steep hills so I woulöd like to improof braking power plus the advantage of the open knuckles. About the steering linkage: I planned to add power steering ( my wife will drive the truck too ) Smile!! And if possible a crossover steering too. Is there something like a conversion kit for powersteering available?
      Thank you for any help.


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        The power steering that was offered on pre-1972 Dodge trucks wasn't a PS box, just a ram assist (hydraulic cylinder) in the linkage. If you look on some of the sweptline websites you may find articles where others have used a PS box from different manufacturers to get power steering on their 1961-1971 Dodge trucks. Your steering gearbox is located behind the front axle, all 1972 & later are located in ahead of the front axle. I'm not aware of any crossover steering being adapted to a pre-72 Dodge truck.

        1975 W600


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          Did any of you get this Axle swap done? I as well have been considering an Open Knuckle Dana 60 disc brake front end into my 1967 W200?
          What all would have be done to do this and have any of you already done this?
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