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W200 Roller Fairlead Replacement

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  • W200 Roller Fairlead Replacement

    Something I use quite a bit, especially during spring and fall is the winch on my W200.
    The LU2 works quite well and without that extra set of hands my woodcutting and log dragging would be much more difficult.
    Before Hank came to live with me, and I became his caretaker, the winch Fairlead was somewhat homemade and made from steel pipe, bushings and bolts.
    The last time I stretched the cable and was working on removing a nice 80 foot white oak log from a ravine, the fairlead failed.
    Asking questions and internet research led me to Zips replacement parts. Once there I found this fairlead. That matched almost the dimensions I needed I made a plan.
    The previous owner had applied a coating of truck bed liner across the entire assembly, scraping, grinding and removal of that had to happen before I could start the metal work and modification.
    I had to elongate the original opening, and grind the heavy plate away that once held the homemade unit.
    An afternoon of cutting grinding drilling and some paint and the unit was ready to be used again.
    Zips also had a great buy on the new winch cable.
    Which needed replaced anyway.
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