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'77 W200 only on its 5th of 9 lives

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  • '77 W200 only on its 5th of 9 lives

    Hello, great site, thank you.

    they will let just about anybody with an old dodge in here!

    1st life] 1st owner
    77' M880 series CUCV Naval AirStation Service Truck

    Retired from service

    2nd life] 2nd owner
    Dodge Master Mech. custom ground up personal use resto.
    Ca. Smogged 440 / 727 GearVendors AOD / Fnt.Rear Dana 60's / Grill & frnt. swap & Drk. blu paint
    Dog tore up driver door

    3rd life] 3rd owner, Me
    New driver door, Vin plate of new door says its a 73'.
    Now reg. a smogless 73', burned through a couple 440's...
    Installed 440HP Mag built by the Engine Factory, NJ.
    Ran Sunnyvale, Ca. to King City, Ca in 1.0 hr. flat. [116.54 miles]
    Later rolled it in Hvy. weather ~ fire rd. Fort Hunter liggit ~ Big Sur CA.

    4th life] same fool owner
    Salvaged title, replaced cab using US. Forest Service Rig.
    Burned up gearvendor AOD, fluidless at 80mph, glowed like the sun
    Totaled it backing through 8" structural concrete wall at work.

    5th life] same proven foolish owner
    Bought it back from insurance for a total of $73, some deal.
    Banished by clear thinking wife to Trinity mountain retreat.
    Bed replaced, frame, frame.... what the **** fixed!
    Dam it expensive Sunburst paint turned out to look
    more like School District Orange.

    Now, once impressive beast is burdened with a matching
    73' Alaskan Hydrl pop-up Camper and relegated to hunting use only.

    Thanks for looking..

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    It's a great looking truck!
    Power Wagon Advertiser monthly magazine, editor & publisher.

    Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?


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      Thanks Gordon

      That is if you dont mind DOT orange!