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Video/ride along of my truck

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  • Video/ride along of my truck

    A guy approached me at a show wanting to do a video and a while later we met at another show and did it then. Ended up bouncing him around as the rode along the Ohio River was pretty rough and we were both a state away so we didn't know the area. He has other Mopar videos from all ages so check those out if you are into performance Dodge stuff.

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    Such a great video! The smile on your face as you were explaining your build and the history of the trucks themselves say it all.
    For those of you that have not walked around this WC-40 in person you are missing out. Hundreds of small and large details set it apart
    from every other WWII Dodge stock or resto-mod. Thank you Kevin for sharing this with all of us and again such an exquisitely built Dodge.
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      Thats great Kevin! I actually spoke with this gentleman yesterday on Instagram after seeing some pictures of your truck that he had shared. Good to see guys like him doing such clean work and follow through for vehicles in our hobby! I also like to finally put a face to the name having never met you in person!
      1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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        Seeing people's reactions at shows, driving on the way and such makes my day. Doesn't seem to matter the age, sex or race either which surprised me. A lot of times people say it's the first time they have ever seen one in person as well. I had one person describe it as a real life Tonka Toy and never thought of it that way but it is pretty true. I guess I never grew up....and don't want too. ;) As you say Matthew, it's hard not to smile when you see how it effects people. When someone asks me how does it do on gas, I tell them it gets at least 100 SMILES per gallon.

        Keith is a really nice guy. He has a Hellcat and his Father in law has the 34 Dodge coupe that he did a video on. He did a Charger that was at the same show that day so it should be next. It's one of the nicest ones I've ever seen.

        Hopefully we can meet in person too someday, Alex. Really enjoyed watching your build/journey as well. Love seeing all the touches you have added to yours and the super nice details. Awesome build.


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          Beautiful truck


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            Another local guy wanted to do a video feature so here it is. He is also very good about piecing them together. he does it so people who are homebound, including vets, can still see vehicles from home even though they can't get out to see them. I couldn't say no to that.



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              That's a totally cool '41 WC!


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                Originally posted by Ellion View Post
                That's a totally cool '41 WC!


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                  Great video. Awesome truck