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stage one- my m886

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  • stage one- my m886

    Picked this up last week, Ill get some more pics this weekend when I have some time to work on it.

    1977 M886 318 46k no rust on body, rust on top of box and above driver and pass doors. new tires. This pic was the Ebay pic and it looks much better now than this picture shows. It was pretty dirty inside and out

    Drove it home (1.5 hours) did alright on the interstate, the steering is a little loose and it took me a bit to get used to that. Havent driven a non-power steering truck in a long time:)

    I am planning on using this for my DJ Business and for tailgating.
    New rims and tires coming in the next month so I can get a better feel on what I want to do with the outside. I will most likely keep the "fire theme"

    Back box still has most of the org stuff, top bunk(s) are gone. two bottom bunks are still inside, both rear lights work (work light and blackout) rear fan works, Heater is still in rear but havent looked at it yet, but Im in Florida so I probably wont need it. door between cab and box works great. All vinyl window covers (3) intact and in great shape.
    rear doors inside are Army green, box is white.

    Inside cab is real dirty and dash needs to be colors do not match. int. light not hooked up but spotlight works great. int color is Army green.

    hitch has been added on rear bumper, I dont like that so we are cutting it off.

    M886 was last in service with Nat. Forest Service and they did a RUSH paint job on it. Didnt remove anything, medical crosses were just painted over...its funny a piece of weather strip is loose on the RR door and they just painted over it...Ill take a pic of that.

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    added pics from this afternoon
    look for M886 folder


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      Welcome, Greg, lots of truck there! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Just curious, why replace dash? Is it so bad that holes etc. can't be patch welded or filled?


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        Jimmie the dash plastic is shot, the metal seems to be okay


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          OOooppsss, I was thinking steel! Yea, those are well known to be toasted and cracked by the sun. Seems to me there was a dash cap you can get that fits over the old stuff and looks good as new. Slightly harder material but a fine fix. There is a filler and finish method also, and I've heard it works pretty good. Or maybe you can score a good one from the wreckers or E-Pay....


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            Paint Jobs

            Originally posted by padres84
            M886 was last in service with Nat. Forest Service and they did a RUSH paint job on it. Didnt remove anything, medical crosses were just painted over...its funny a piece of weather strip is loose on the RR door and they just painted over it...Ill take a pic of that.
            If you think that's funny, back when I worked for the Navy, some of the guys showed me a picture of a crevice on a ship somewhere, with a dead bird stuck in it, that had been painted right over. The sailor/painter's motto must have been "If it doesn't move, paint it gray." :)



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              A new engine and a new coat of bed liner on the roof were the next two things I did.
              The roof is the worst looking part of the M886...found a hole on the side of fresh air intake on the roof...looks like someone took a can opener and opened up a hole in it...noticed it after a rain storm last week.

              Fixing that this week.

              Worked on the back some.Put some flooring in the rear (pics coming) got some Pergo-Jefferson Oak back there and it looks awesome, painted the lower cargo doors on the inside a nice coat of red, will be painting the inside walls with a new coat of white if this weather warms up- It's cold in Florida this week!

              I have decided not to paint over any of the original olive drab anywhere it is still visible. inside of cab, under hood, inside rear doors, doors on cab.
              I think we may have settled for a color on the outside and will go with a garnet with gold metal flake with a thick gold (firetruck) stripe down the middle. Florida State University colors


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                >Put some rims and tires season eight weeks away, gotta start getting it ready

                before and after and the last one is the back...which is being worked on next week!!


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                    Good to have you back again, Greg! Wow, SLICK! Really looking good and obviously you've been very busy while you were away. I'm nuts about panels, wagons, carryalls, ambulance etc. and yours fits right in to my disease! Coll rig, and gettin' cooler!



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                      Hmmmmmmmmmm....................................... ....I want one now...............i see this coming, my girlfriend is gonna hate me because im gonna have about 50+ military trucks


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                        to have this truck running is awesome,I drove it around this past Friday and I loved it! Even if it was 100 outside and even hotter in the cab. Going to get some stuff today to fix the holes in the roof....fiberglass tape? Is that what I should get?


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                          Went to my fathers shop this morning around nine...SIX of my friends were waiting to help. I will load pictures as soon as I get them, didnt bring my camera had to use my sisters.

                          I think I can make this statement tonight...I am going to have the coolest M886 on the planet.

                          Today a custom birch bar was constructed by my carpenter friends that will hold seven 1.75ltr bottles of Crown Royal(and much more). The bar is awesome!!!
                          installed amber Streethawk light bar ...will wire the box up tomorrow.
                          installed my amber wig-wag lights in the grille...cut part of grille to mount both behind...looks great
                          installed black carpet...what a change to to the cab
                          installed the back-up camera, really cool being able to see backing up
                          installed three LED strobe lights in cab below bedding...very cool effect
                          3500W power inverter installed.
                          marine batteries installed
                          LCD mounting bracket installed (custom mounting)
                          26" Visio bought and ready to go in

                          I cant believe the work my friends (and myself) did today...worked 10 hours and got more accomplished than I ever thought we would. We sat back had a couple of beers and looked at the coolest ambulance FSU will see this football season!

                          the M886 is sanded (last week)and ready for a beautiful coat of OD next week. Bar is ready for staining...touch up stuff in the box...

                          and inadvertently we named it... Dr. I.V. Drippin as we will have two Crown Royal bottles converted into an IV for gameday....

                          sorry, the pics will help but I am still on cloud nine from the work today!!!!


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                            pics are up look for build part II in the pics section


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                              Today I painted my first vehicle ever...well with the help of my Father mixing the paint right and letting me using his spray gun...but it's look really good...the green makes it look bigger...will finish up with everything tomorrow