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My 1974 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

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  • My 1974 Dodge W100 Power Wagon

    1974 Dodge W100 Custom, Power Wagon with Sno-Fiter package.
    Today I have 21,380 miles on it. Purchased new in April 1974.
    Still have the original tires and rims, 8 in all. Summer tires(hiway tires), and snow tires that came with it. Goodyear High Milers.
    All D rated 8 ply Bias. Finally got all new tires and rims since after 32 years, no tire store wanted to take a chance of tearing them down.
    This link should direct you to the pics.
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    Wow, RJ, that baby is CLEAN!!! Really nice, and so good to see someone that has maintained their truck in pristine condition regardless of calling on it for hard work at the same time. Hoping you have many more happy miles to go!


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      RJ, Truck looks great, how did you keep the mileage down ? Just used it when it snowed in R.I? I grew up in Bristol, now live in Mass, have some good friends in Coventry near Tiogue Lake....if you ever want to part with the truck.............KevinM


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        Nice rig, looks well outfitted! I hope the red rig looks as well in 30 + years?


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          In college to help offset tuition I worked with the campus grounds crew shoveling snow.There was a similar truck called Snow Commander which was driven by a janitor, student shovelers piled in the back. He would plow the lot while we shoveled the walkways and dorm entrances. He would always finish first and yell "get back n the truck" with a disgusted look on his face.Then he would jump The curb and finish the walkways and entrances with us bouncing around in the bed.The trip back to the garage was always a special treat as he would take a short cut "off road" to save time, but i think he enjoyed banging us around ,cause he always had a big smile when we got back to the garage. One tough truck! Whats the diff between snow fighter and snow commander?


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            1974 Dodge Sno-Fiter

            Hi ShadowVTwin, Very nice truck. I have these items you may be interested in. If so drop me a line and we can discuss a price. Thanks Mark.
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              Oh does that bring back memories, I sold those new. We used to plow our new & used lot with different Sno-fiters, what a truck. We also took them home to plow our own property. I am pleased you have kept it up so well.
              The Meyer plows really worked great. I owned a W-100 I bought new, owned for 8 years, & sold it for $800 more than I paid. Mine was a cheap 4spd with only 318 & am-fm.
              I'm decorating my garage I see you're from RI could I get a plate from you any year car or truck? I'll gladly pay postage. What is your power train combo?