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62-68 w300 front drums

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  • 62-68 w300 front drums

    Well its official. All four corner drums are out of spec and cant take another turn. So I'm reaching out for the impossible task of finding the 14 inch 6 lug Dana 70 front drums. So the trucks sits until I find drums. But I'm patient and willing to wait and spend the money to keep this part of my families legacy alive even though no one in my family cares. They call it the ugly truck. I think it's beautiful. So if you have a pair of drums that have one more turn in them I would be most appreciative.
    Thanks ,

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    You have only started to look.....

    ...after 2 years of looking for the 6 bolt axles I gave up and installed 1979 axles under my '57. Brake parts are available from ANY auto store, both axles are current and the axle ratio is better for my transfer case. Just might be an alternative to think about.
    Best of luck
    Dr Pepper


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      Thank you very much. These are ideas I am looking for. But the 1 tons are tough to convert.


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        There was someone who did a conversation to front disks for the Dana 70's. It was a article in PWA years ago. Common Chevy and Ford components.
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          Well, I found a pair. Never turned. Cost me $300 for the pair and thats turned and the hubs transferred from my old ones to the new(but old) ones. Budd Front # 61189 Rear: Budd Rear # 75747.
          Located them at one of the last remaining drum brake yards in LA about 10 miles from my house. Its a miracle.