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FFPW A bunch or running gear/parts (ohio/ possibly delivery june 2018)

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  • FFPW A bunch or running gear/parts (ohio/ possibly delivery june 2018)

    I have a bunch of Parts from my build. Pretty much anything that involves the engine (besides the block) / axles / tranny / transfer case/ tires wheels I have. I am looking to get $300 for the axles as they have all new brakes on the front and that is what i have in them, the fluid was clean in them when I drained it. I ended up swapping to more modern axles. For everything else i am just looking fore someone to be able to use it. If the stuff if it isn't gone by the end of the summer I am scraping it all. I will be running around the north east mid to late june so I can deliver for a fee depending on where you are and what you need. I can also ship stuff via fastenal if you want to pay for it.

    Best way would be to email ry anjo nes 451@ya m no spaces or give me a call or text at six 1 4 5 nine five three 8 one 7.

    God bless,


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    Ryan are these parts still available?


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      Yes all of it is still here, what are you interested in?


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        I am going to load this stuff up on the trailer this week and It will beheaded for scrap whenever I get a chance to take it, in the next few weeks. Let me know if anyone needs anything, I would hate to scrap something someone needs.