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M37 Diesel Conversion for sale.

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  • M37 Diesel Conversion for sale.

    Dodge M37 For Sale

    1953 Dodge M37 4x4 w/winch

    Diesel conversion, 6.2 GMC

    Auto overdrive transmission

    Power steering

    Disc brakes

    Dual circuit brake system

    Rear differential centered in truck (needed to prevent vibration caused by compound driveshaft angles when using modern T-case center output)

    High speed front and rear axle ratios

    Tilt steering wheel & ignition/wheel lock

    GM trans & T-case shifters, horn, turn signal and high beam controls

    New canvas top

    Freewheeling hubs

    12 volt electrical system, Daytime halogen running lights, gauges (engine temp, oil psi, trans temp, volt meter (note: fuel gauge is still 24 volts and is inaccurate. Speedometer needs adapter at T-case to connect cable).

    Truckloads of spare parts including the complete stock powerpac (original to the truck) which is the stock radiator, engine, and transmission (one package for a quick battlefield replacement), also a low mileage 6.2 engine and spare transmission and transfercase.

    I started this conversion around about 2001 working on and off and got it back on the road about 2010. By that time my interest moved from antique military vehicles to antique tractors and this truck sits all year inside a seabox and goes to the CT COMVECC military vehicle show in June, then gets put away again (and still starts every year without a jump, even after cranking to achieve oil pressure before starting)(Also fuel tank is always topped off to prevent moisture damage). This truck is typical for a 50ís military vehicle with squeaks and rattles. The whole reason I think it is important to use the 6.2 engine was that they are quiet running diesel compared to a Cummins, especially a 4BT that is extremely loud (I know because I have one in a Bronco {which has extensive noise abatement}, drive one and you will see!). The 2nd reason is that it is the smallest (except for the 4B) and it fits like factory install (with NO PERMENANT TRUCK MODS). It is also smooth with little vibration, unlike a 4 cylinder. The GM crossmember with factory engine mounts is bolted inside the Dodge frame with no welds, so years from now when a original Dodge would be a more valuable truck, it can be easily converted back to stock. The conversion was done with this in mind throughout. The 700R4 trans is a 4 speed overdrive with a lockup convertor. The torque convertor was never wired to lock. The front winch was a PTO which the trans and T-case doesnít provide for. I was going to go hydraulic or electric, but never did. The other mods the truck has is front disc brakes, high speed (4.89) differential gears front and rear and the rear axle is centered on the vehicle instead of off to one side as stock. The radiator cost $1500 and has a oil to water cooler inside for the engine oil cooler. It has a Dodge power steering box and a dual circuit master cylinder. Front locking hubs, turn signals and high beams work off the GM signal stalk. The steering wheel tilts. Speedo inop as I never converted to the GM T-case treads. No parking brake. The windshields open, if you take the top off the windshield lays flat on the hood. The side racks have a lower portion that unfolds into bench seats. The suspension is soft not like a WM300 power wagon. It actually rides like a newer vehicle. Some little odds and ends you may elect to finish to your standards, but it is a running and driving truck as is. Unfortunately I don't use it enough to pay for the registration and insurance all year. A auto locker 4.89 differential could be included for extra grand. (860) 301-9637 Price is $14990 OBO.

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