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1942 WC53 Dodge Carryall For Sale

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  • 1942 WC53 Dodge Carryall For Sale

    Due to recent awareness of time constraints, and health limitations; I am selling my "next" project Carryall.

    Please read all of this if you are truly interested; I am vetting the buyer as I have a personal attachment to the truck that I'll never be able to erase. As part of the vetting process, you will need to contact me through this forum or through a member of this forum that can reach out to me.

    The truck was disassembled by a previous owner, the frame blasted and painted. The hood, gate, and other components are numbers matching.
    There are faded markings that I have tracked to have been some sort of service to the 13th Bomb Squadron. I have found mixed information regarding the usage of Carryall's in Brisbane during WWII, however a phone call two years ago with a now passed 13th squadron Veteran, the location of the markings, and the final color of the paint, along with the story I was given, and even the included windshield with inspection stickers, where the truck showed up, etc. all line up too well.

    The firewall has been spot drilled out, as has the wiper valence on the interior. The floors are gone, lots of rot at the bottom of the door posts. There is rust in the bottom of the doors, and along the bottom of the body above the floor seam, however the belt line seam appears very solid. It has all of the windows and window winders, etc. The rear gate hardware is all there except for the handle. Numbers matching hood and rear gate. Comes with a set of 4 Combat wheels AND a spare. Along with two split ring wheels and tires. Has two windshield frames that can be used to make one nice one. No title but I have figured out the Serial numbers despite them being a little hard to read on the frame horn.

    The drivetrain is missing as obvious in the photos. Has front and rear fenders included that are from a different truck but are in fair condition.

    I had the intention of repairing the truck to an operating condition, but with a different power train and leaving it with a "Bomber" theme. I have a 4-53T Detroit 2 stroke Diesel, an RT-610 Eaton 10 Speed, with an RTO Overdrive conversion kit, and a pair of Eaton H110 2.5 ton axles from a '50s model GM 2.5 ton. (M211 I believe). With that drivetrain combination and 43" - 46" tires, the truck would have easily run 65 mph, and been quite the loud, scary, cool, machine.

    I can sell the project as a whole, to the right person, or sell just the Carryall and its many pieces as its own thing. Not parting it out, it comes with most all of the parts to make a complete truck, just remove rust, and add some metal and wood back in.

    The truck is located in Chesapeake, Va. and I will NOT ship it. You must come get it, and help me load it (reference "health limitations").

    Asking $6k for the Carryall (reference "personal attachment") with aforementioned stock parts.

    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.

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    Sale pending to a private collector in France.
    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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      France deal looking like its falling through.
      Price drop on the truck to 5500 and I will ship as long as your carrier can load with a winch and understands the truck doesn't steer well but does roll.
      1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.