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Trucks for sale Rockaway New Jersey

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  • Trucks for sale Rockaway New Jersey

    Multiple Sweptline Dodges among others for sale.
    Rockaway New Jersey
    Contact Bob Decker
    973 725 3119
    1967 W200.aka.Hank
    1946 WDX.aka.Shorty
    2012 Ram 2500 PowerWagon.aka Ollie

    Life is easier in a lower gear.

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    Thanks for wading through the snow & getting some good pictures Bob.

    I shared a link to this post over on one the the sweptline sites & the ramcharger site. I also saw where Matthew had it up on facebook.
    Joe's site might also be a good place to advertise these.

    I need another truck like I need another hole in my head, but I would love to wall through that collection & see what all you got. There just aren't any places around here in Texas that have that many civilian Power Wagons in one spot.

    Best of luck to you Bob. I know this is a tough time.