Magazine Subscriber Benefits

If you have purchased a Power Wagon Advertiser magazine subscription and have not received your forum privileges, please refer to the threads below. If you have entered your magazine subscriber Id code in your user profile (exactly as it appears on your magazine label) and you still have not received forum access as described in the benefit threads, please contact the site administrator.

Admin Contact Link

In your email, please provide your name, the date you subscribed, and the subscriber code from your magazine label (if you've received an issue). Your subscriber code begins with "SN" and ends with a several digit number (Example: "SNDER11765").

Note that typically new magazine subscriber forum benefits are enabled at the beginning of the month following a new order, since this is not an automated process. Your forum benefits may be be received sooner if you report your issue. We will respond to your requests at our earliest convenience. Thank you.
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Posted under wrong Topic... Axle Dolly

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  • Posted under wrong Topic... Axle Dolly

    Thought I was in the Craftsmanship & Tools area and posted in Conversions & Mods. No idea how to move it...;-P

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    I drive a DODGE, not a ram!


    1946 WDX Power Wagon - "Missouri Mule"
    1953 M37 - "Frankenstein"
    1993 Jeep YJ - "Will Power"
    1994 2500 4WD Regular Cab - "Old Gray"
    2006 3500 DRW 4WD Mega Cab - "Power Wagon Hauler"