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    Also, FYI, there is a LOT more meat down in these tires. I picked up a set of fairly worn ones and am adding new life to them.

    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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      Marsh rims

      The bead locks are a good deal more expensive (maybe twice?) than non bead lock. With shipping from Arkansas to Mass it was $1200 and change, I think. I went with the bead locks because the separate ring mimics a bit, either the combat rim, or the standard split ring. Non bead locks would have been a lot simpler and cheaper but I do like the look.
      When I ordered them I specified a true back spacing of 7". It turns out that with a 9" rim they can only go to 6.5". This is because they use a flat center section. That is why the tires have a wider stance. I have not had the chance to drive anywhere with them yet. I finished getting them mounted at 7:00 pm yesterday evening and don't know when I will test them out.
      The rims are not DOT approved according to the web site, but no one made any mention to me of use restrictions when I ordered them, but I don't really care that much.
      I am aware of the regroovable feature but still have plenty of tread. My son keeps wanting to test their reputation for being able to withstand anything up to a 45 caliber round but obviously that isn't going to happen!
      Thanks for all the comments.


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        David, you are most welcome. Always glad to help others.

        The only limitation other than the legal crap is the bead lock bolts like to fatigue and break with a lot of road use. Just check the torque often and replace as they break.

        I also liked the look as well as function, and with a 17" wheel, the outer diameter of the lock ring is almost the same as the 16" Budd lock ring.

        I drive a DODGE, not a ram!


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          David, sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I'm looking into new rims and tires for my '46 and think I've settled on pretty much exactly what you did (even down to calculating the 7" backspacing when I drew it all up). Did you have any clearance issues with 6.5" backspacing or do the wider tires stick outside of the fenders at all? Unfortunately, it looks like Marsh is out of business now, so I'm going to check out Boyce and Stockton. If you have any other suggestions on who makes custom rims for these trucks from your research, I'd be happy to hear them too!



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            I don't have any clearance issues and they stick out just a little. The attached photo is the only head on shot I could find. Sorry to hear about Marsh, they did a nice job and were not expensive. My WDX is stock in other respects and these tires do take some muscle to steer at very low speeds. Love the tires though. The back spacing I ended up with was the maximum possible with these rims according to Marsh.


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              "Preview" just went into spinning wheel of death mode when I tried to resize photo for posting, and I must leave for work. If I remember, I will try again after work.


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                Thanks for the info David. If you get picture, that would be great. I also plan to stay close to stock for most of my WDX, so hopefully I won't run into any problems either.

                Reading across a couple of forums, it sounds like Marsh was pretty much everyone's go-to. It's too bad they're not around any more.