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Concerns regarding PS on WDX

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  • Concerns regarding PS on WDX

    I have a few questions about converting a WDX to power steering. Seeing how much of the frame flange has to be cut away for the gearbox to fit, is there not any concern about the frame bending, down the road later? Also, the center line of the PS gearbox sets closer to the frame that the stock gearbox. Does this not create a weird lateral angle in the steering column? Does the opening in the firewall have to be modified to accommodate this offset?


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    As far as the frame notch goes, most of the brackets I've seen are based upon the early Ugly Truckling style (or wherever that design came from) are basically a very thick T-shaped steel bracket that holds the PS box at the original mounting location, so it should easily be stronger at that location than the metal removed from the top web.

    I installed a new steering column with a pair of universals so I can't say but I think the offset is pretty insignificant and may be eliminated with a bit of an angle on the steering box, enough so that the original kit only came with the one universal joint IIRC. I know my setup has little offset either way, and the only modification to the opening I had to do was because of the lower vibration damper/universal connector being a bit bigger around than the opening.


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      Greg Coffin has re designed this bracket, speaking with him about this it is at a better angle, can use the factory bolts. It also has a clearanced area for the steel fuel and brake lines.
      As far as the cutting or grinding of the frame I have done this to more than one truck. Have I had or seen any problems with it no.

      Will the new bracket make this less invasive, possibly. Hopefully we can get Greg to chime in here as far as how this will improve the solution.

      I have seen where people have heated this area with a torch and given the frame a slight bend upwards to clear the steering box as well.

      When I have done it in the past I have ground the bosses off of the steering box, as much as I could to make the amount of frame that had to be removed the least as possible.

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        So does the u-joint end up forward of the firewall or is it up in the opening in the firewall? What are those bosses for? Is there danger of getting anything too hot inside if I take the angle grinder to it?


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          The bosses are for some other mounting configuration. Of course damage is possible if you really go to town with a grinder but they have a decent amount of thermal mass and not a lot of non-metal parts, so a quick cut with a cutoff wheel shouldn't cause any issues. If in doubt just take breaks to give the metal a chance to cool.