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What is your favorite heat gun?

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  • What is your favorite heat gun?

    I am about to start the wiring process on my WC53 (total custom aftermarket stuff using a CAN Bus system, Speedhut Gauges, etc) so I will be doing a fair amount of heat shrink work, and I am even looking at those solder type heat shrink but connectors. I have a nice soldering iron but will have a few spots that I just won't be able to use that.

    I've seen that heat guns with a little wrap around deflector work good for this. Any out there you suggest? Any with temperature control? Thanks!
    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.

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    I just finished my wiring too. Had an old hobby heat gun that gave it up right at the start of the process. So, I too had to go find a replacement. Went to Lowes and purchased a Kobalt Heat Gun:

    I'm sure there are better ones out there but this worked great for me. Has a digital temp readout and is very adjustable and didn't break the bank. I did a lot of heat shrink too. No regrets.



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      That looks perfect for what I need to do! The adjustable range will be great for dialing on those solder type heat shrink connectors. I want this thing to be tight as can be. I'm also going to be putting some bigger connections to isolate systems for assembly and disassembly. Thanks for sharing that!
      1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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        No problem! It's powerful enough for bigger jobs also as shown in the video. Wiring won't be a problem.

        Can't wait to see it on the road!!!!