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Clamptite Hose Clamp Maker with Aviation Wire

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  • Clamptite Hose Clamp Maker with Aviation Wire

    I decided to see what the hype was about and bought one of these little doo dads, its pretty cool but harder to use with thicker wire. I went to use some .051" and its kind of a bear. I ended up with my wraps crossed but still it worked out pretty well on my first ever test piece.

    Its a very simple tool and I can totally machine my own in other sizes from this point forward, But this one was a pretty good start. I am going to use it for securing my shifter boots and other lines and hoses on the truck to give it a sleeker "field" use look. I can't wait to use it on the "Bomber" Carryall build I am starting soon. Someone is making a $ killing on these things though. Only down side is you can't "re-snug" a connection after the fact like you can with mechanincal clamps. Plus side though is it takes up like NO space for the connection, this is something I need for my intercooler hose routing because the clamps get hung on things. Pleased overall.

    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.