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Transmission problems in 6.7L Cummins

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  • Transmission problems in 6.7L Cummins

    Recently I noticed some transmission problems with my truck. Its a 2007 model Dodge 6.7L Cummins. I am facing lot of difficulties when changing into third gear. I think it's better to go for a transmission upgrade. I found the cost details from BC diesel website. Can somebody tell me the total expense of Dodge 6.7 transmission upgrades, including the spare parts and service charge.

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    When my TC/Trans when out on my 5.9/06 I went with a billet flex, input and intermediate shafts with a triple disc TC and improved internals and body with an extra deep pan. NOT cheap, but I did not want to ever have to go into the transmission again. It will now likely outlive the rest of the truck in my use.

    When talking with the trans builder he said the newer 6.7 trans were (at that time) not capable of being built to take the amount of power the older torqueflite's were. He also said from the factory they could not handle any power adders. Again his statements.

    Mine has been great except the hard shifts. The triple disc and modified valve body make the shifts and lock-ups very firm, even after having him make a spring change to soften them up some. The builder I used does primarily build pulling transmissions and that may be part of my cost and hard shifting though.

    As for the 6.7 trans expense, other than the additional clutches I can't see that it's any different than 5.9 units.
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