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Speaking of Detroit Diesels...

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  • Speaking of Detroit Diesels...

    A friend of mine and I were out looking at an old Milling Machine that we spotted listed on Craigslist. Turns out, a poor lady was evicting a Marine Contractor from her property; he had turned this nice home into a pile of bulkhead scrap materials, dredging spoils dumped on her front lawn, and rotten sea-wall timbers piled up and half burned in her back yard. Well, among the scrap piles of aluminum and steel were some old busted capstan winches and pumps. Piled in was a skid mounted Alpine Green beast. After some discussion and helping the lady appraise things that she had no idea what to even call them, we struck a deal of $300 for this unknown running or internal condition 4-71N skid engine. The crank moved so we decided it was a good buy, even if only for some of the parts from it like the giant brass radiator!

    We tinkered with it and got the 3 out of 4 stuck injectors freed up, and then bypassed a few issues with the started bendix and away she went. May have to click around sound through this video posts.
    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.