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  • 4bt power steering

    I saw Charles Talberts 4bt conversion in the latest Power Wagon Advertiser.

    What power steering/vacuum pump is used on that p-pumped engine.

    I have a '92 Dodge power steering pump, but the reservoir neck interfears with the back of the injection pump. Do I need a later model Dodge pump?

    I considerd cutting & welding to rotate the filler neck a little out of the way. I'm hesitant to do that, not just because of the labor, but because I am worried about fluid splashing out of the cap if I lower it any. I am having this problem on my rotary pump 4bt with Dodge PS pump. It shakes so much, fluid splashes out around the cap.

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    Don, I ran into this problem with the pump on the Nissan Diesel in my Jeep,
    I ended up taking the 'ham can' reservoir off the steering pump and using the setup from a Chevy Van. It has a remote reservoir and the can around the pump is just a round cover.
    I would think that they are available for hydroboost as well.


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      I wonder if there is a remote reservoir that can be used on the Dodge PS pump, or if the canned ham pump could be mounted to the vacuum pump as the Dodge pump is?


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        last time I checked Chevy and Dodge both used Saginaw power steering pumps
        the only differences were in the hoses (chevy went to a Metric O ring style)
        with a little research i am sure that the Chevy reservoir can be had to fit the dodge pump


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          I was just checking and there was a thread on exactly this problem
          here is a pic of the remote pump can