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Graves Mountain Trailrides and Rally, Labor Day Weekend in Virginia

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  • Graves Mountain Trailrides and Rally, Labor Day Weekend in Virginia

    Just a reminder that the Graves Mountain MV Trailrides and Rally is just around the corner.
    As always, both civilian and military Dodge trucks of all eras are invited.

    In addition to the "regular mix" of trucks, we have confirmed that we will have a M20 on site to give the Halftrack a run for its money around the orchards... A DKW Munga will return from last year and the M561 Gama Goat from two years ago will also be returning and they will both be challenging the trails on the mountain... We also have our fingers crossed that we will get both the M201 and XM708 on site for those who are partial to Dodge M37 variants...

    Obviously, we are also expecting a bunch of Jeeps of all eras, HMMWV, five tons, etc...

    We also are expecting a handful of stock and modified M37 since a bunch have already registered.

    As always, we will have the heavy truck shop at the farm available if anyone needs to make any adjustments to their vehicle during the event.

    More information may be found at