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    My first car, way back in the stone ages, was a '52 Plymouth club coupe. My dad was always a mopar man, and it stuck. Just to name a few, a '50 half ton with Plymouth engine, a '46 half ton that wore several engines and beds, finally left me with a 225 six in it, a '64 330 sedan that lasted through at least 4 generations before it finally became a parts car for a Polara, a'68 half ton with a 383/727/3.92 8 3/4, that one would smoke Camaros and mustangs, a wide array of Chargers, Road Runners, Cordobas, and even a few front drivers, including a '94 Shadow that my daughter is STILL driving with close to 200K. My current collection represents my fondness for GSA auctions, a '79 D300 crewcab dually from the Dept. of the Interior, BIA, a '77 M880 that I plan to restore, an'89 W250 Parks dept. pickup, and my son has an '02 extended cab ex-forest service truck. My baby isn't a Dodge, but mopar none the less, a '96 Grand Cherokee Limited with every option available to that model. I also plan to expand into more military vehicles in my collection soon.
    Thanks, Milt