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  • Why Not!

    Well, I didn't see an introductions sections so I guess this will have to suffice.

    I have been a Dodge/Chrysler guy since I was a child. That's pretty much all my parents ever owned and I have had one or two also, albeit no real Dodge trucks yet.

    I found y'all after looking around online while trying to find my dream towrig for my Jeeps which is my real addiction. You do have to try to keep the addictions to a minimum after all. Hopefully through this site I can find and build my dream Dodge only once.

    Looking for a Power Wagon

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    What kind Jeep you own?
    I have a 90 YJ that I put a Fuel Injected Magnum/LA hybrid 318 into. LOVE IT!
    Working on getting my '59 W100 Power Wagon together to tote the Jeep as well as have fun in.
    Biggest thing about these old rigs is you gotta look through books and decide on what you are interested in. They made quite a few changes from the old flat fender clear up until the last Power Wagon model a couple years ago.
    You also have to decide how much you have to spend and how much you want to do to the rig. You can get a builder for a good price usually (mine was free fresh out of the field) but road ready ones can command some pretty decent money.
    Research research research.


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      Currently the wife and I own 4 Jeeps; her 03 Liberty (kid hauler), a 99 TJ (was hers till the kid came along, for sale now), 06 Rubicon Unlimited (my daily driver) and my 95 YJ (the toy!).

      Yeah, I have been looking in the last few weeks for an older truck to restore and pull the Jeeps and family to the trails.

      Want: Crew cab, 4x4, W? chassis cab to put some sort of bed on to pull a custom gooseneck. Motor and transmission to be upgraded to newer Dodge sourced parts.

      I like old trucks and I hate all the new electronics in the new ones.