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  • My Addiction

    My addiction/facination started in 1973.I was 12.My best friends brother had a 1958 W100 with 315 V8 sitting in his driveway. It was big.Never did see it run. A few years later I saw another.If I waded out fishing in the bay I could see one in a guys backyard. I finally got the nerve to go look at it up close.I asked if it was for sale.$150.It was 1980.My first Power Wagon @19.I drove it until the doors literally fell off because of the rust.My next was a 1963 M37B1W/W in 1984 for $1750 It had the door mounted spare,troop seats,cargo bows,jerry can holder,pintle hook and most of the webbing and buckles. Drove it home.Wish I could find a deal
    like that now.I drove it for ten years.

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    I like the part about wading out to see the truck.

    Power Wagon Advertiser monthly magazine, editor & publisher.

    Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?