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    I had been looking at cars and trucks from the 80's 90's and early 2000's and was just sick with plastic and "designed obsolesced". So, I went to the west coast automotive archive and looked at what this fine country once built. I fell in love, like many of you, with the heavy built dodge and hit the road running.

    I bought my first car in 2003, a 1946 dodge fluid drive with suicide doors, stock factory car. I used it as a daily driver for 4 years without having to put a wrench to it. I then found my way into a 1998 Dakota Magnum 5.2L and felt like I was in the wrong rig. Power steering, power brakes, power locks, power windows, plastic door panels, just not my kind of truck. but I couldn't go back to the 46 because I decided to do a frame up restoration, and I just felt at home in a tuck. So, I searched Craig's list and the news paper for a few years for a POWER WAGON( it deserves to be in all caps), the older the better.

    A 1951 M37 came up in Boring OR, cash or trade. I thought that I could kill two birds with one shot by offering the Dakota as trade, and the rest is history.

    I once parked next to a brand new Corvette and herd a lady say to her kid "look at the Corvette " kid yelled "wow cool truck". Just one reasons why we love old iron. Hope to add a add a B or C model to the herd some day, but the old war horse is here for good.

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    Good story Andrew. It would be great to have a Power Wagon as a daily driver. I envy you. Are you in BC, or WASH???



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      Vancouver WA, Not a daily driver anymore, but a good rig.