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  • Hi!

    Didn't see an introduction sections so I suppose this will do? I dont own a Power Wagon but in the last few years have become somewhat obsessed with becoming the owner of a restoreable truck. Been watching the dodge power wagon classifieds and the e-bay listings and found a few decent looking trucks but I'm currently saving for a garage addition and need that to put the truck in anyway. So in the mean time I read and look, and bide my time by restoring the snow-blower... Not nearly the same.

    As for the topic of this section, "How I got started and Why I like dodges"? I haven't really gotten started other than doing a lot of reading and annoying the family with my talk. And I don't really have any real feelings for or against dodge in general, but the power wagon isn't just another dodge! Its a Power Wagon and probably the coolest looking vehicle ever built!

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    Welcome , you've come to the right spot for information and fun. Part of the fun in owning a truck is in the hunt. Are you looking for a 46-68 WM300 Power Wagon commonly misnomered as a flat fender Power Wagon? There are plenty out there if you keep your eyes open. This site and others are great resources for advice in owning and operating a Dodge truck. We all dare to be different in owning our trucks. I myself prefer the 57-60 Power Giant series. A garage is a good thing to have just make sure it's large enough to get the truck in and still have room to work. Headroom is a great thing also. Good luck in your hunt and in building your garage. Where do you hail from?
    Ron in Indiana


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      Yea I come across what looks like, looking at pictures online anyway, a reasonable find I would say probably once a month. Then I have to convince myself that it wont be the last one and that I really can wait until I have a garage to buy one. And yea I am looking at the 46 - 68 power wagons, I refrain from using the FF title just because I was reading the debate earlier and figured I would stay out of it at least until my post count it a bit higher. In terms of 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation though, I don't have a strong preference, though I might lean towards the 3rd just because it has the most improvements, can you say syncro's?

      I have a small 1 car garage now, but there would be no putting a vehicle in it and a PW wouldn't fit in there anyway, the door and ceiling wouldn't provide clearance. The new garage will have an 11+ foot ceiling though, and I could easily see the PW taking up a bay in the new garage and all of the old garage during restoration and leaving the car out in the elements again...

      Oh and I'm from Massachusetts.


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        Welcome From Central VA

        There should be a fairly decent amount of PW's in your neck of the woods, but look 'em over real good, if you know what I mean?
        1953 Dodge M-37 W/oW
        Dept. of the Navy 1/23/53
        1949 8N
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        "Big Red"


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          Mass. huh? I've been there several times and have good PW friends out there. So if you need someone to go with you to be a devil's advocate on a scouting mission I'm sure they would tag along. There is a PW rally in Lee, MA in August. You don't need a truck to attend a rally just a willingness to have fun. Good place to get face to face with other owners who are ALWAYS willing to talk about their trucks. Maybe I'll see you there.
          Ron in Indiana


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            Lee huh? In august? Wrong end of the state from me, but my parents are out that way, and you know, I really don't visit them enough! Ill have to ask google about it and see if I can block out the weekend before the keeper of the calendar blocks it out for something!


            Ok, I asked Google! Not a lot of info about it online, but I did see that it is August 19 - 21st and the location along with pictures from 05 and 07. I really want to go now! You'll know its me, Ill be the one in the old Subaru looking very out of place. I just need to get this on the calendar now.

            Thanks for the offer to hook me up with a wing man on truck scouting missions but Its still going to be a while. Best case the garage will be an all summer project next summer, so it will have to be after that.


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              Wrong end of the state?!? It'll be a 16 hour drive for me and not the first one either. Here's the scoop I've always done the Vermont rally so it's time I hit this one. Great group to be with and have fun. You have to watch out for this one guy from New Joisey though haha. Get it on your calender you'll be hooked for life after the first one.
              Ron in Indiana


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                Yea I would be all for making the trip pretty much anywhere in New England. I could easily go visit my parents and make a Saturday day trip to this from there though. That's the same site that Google found. I went through the pictures from the previous events.


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                  Build the garage first

                  that way you can keep your favorite PW indoors, while the others sit outside. others???? yep....these things are addicting and seem to pop out of the woodwork once you take the plunge.

                  the Lee Rally is a must. Giant group therapy session.

                  look for me at the Rally, You will know its me by the stylish headgear


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                    Well I asked the keeper of the calendar if we were free the weekend of august 20th and was told "No we have to go to a wedding why?" Well this didn't sound so good, but I replied "Because there is a power wagon rally in Lee that weekend" to which I got the response "Well... the wedding is actually pretty close to there." So long story short, I have a wedding on Saturday afternoon I have to go to but the rest of the weekend is free and Ill already be in the area! You guys arnt all going to take off again first thing Sunday morning are you?

                    I reluctantly agree about the garage. And the addition is more than just a garage, but anyway once that's done then its time to start shopping!


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                      How about this? You're going to be close to your folks, the wedding and the rally. Go to your folks Friday night, hit the rally early Sat AM be out of there by noonish and do the wedding. I know I'll be heading out EARLY Sunday morning to get back to Indiana and my pesky day job. Can't speak for the rest of the group but would imagine they'll be leaving for home too on Sunday AM. Can you give your name, we're all friends here. Unless you're in witness protection LOL.
                      Ron in Indiana


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                        Don't see any reason that wont work. Saturday AM it is.

                        Names Russell.