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  • Neph's M-37

    How I got started? My nephew Charlie who has served in the army in Iraq and Afganistan has taken a liking to old MVs. He is serving now in Afganistan. He has only seen his masterpiece in pictures. He was looking on Internet when he saw this 52 M-37 for sale at the Yankee Air Force Museum near Detroit. So my brother and I went up there from here in Florida and got it for him. YAF did a great job of body work and paint. They put all new brakes, fuel tank and fuel pump into it. The other issues I am working on. It's alot of fun! This was a basic Korean war era truck. I have added solid state turn signal with the bigger composite lamps. I am a retired locomotive engineer and my new hobby is fixing up this old truck. I have read all 57 pages of the M-series archives here and boy are they helpful. Thank you all for the wisdom shared here. When Charlie comes home in march he will have a safe and reliable ride because of your help. I will post a picture when I can get a young person to show me how!

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    I was about to tell you to post pictures, but it looks like you're working on it.

    Itching to see it.


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      I hope to have some posted soon J. Grandkids know computers. I bend wrenches.


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        Sounds Good

        Welcome Bob0 & Nephew, He lucky to have such great relatives!
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          Welcome, and I admire your enthusiasm!
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          Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?


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            Thank you guys for the warm welcome and kind remarks