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Historical day in Dodge History

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  • Historical day in Dodge History

    On this day 99 years ago John and Horace Dodge began making automobiles.
    Which means today that Dodge begins their 100th year of making
    motor vehicles.
    I wonder what they would say if they were alive today about what
    is being made.
    To be quite honest, I am not sure, however since Horace was an
    inventor and loved a mechanical challenge, I am almost 100% certain
    that they would have something better than anyone else is offering for sale!
    Thanks to them we have the vehicles we have and that we enjoy!

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    An acquaintance and I were talking cars and trucks. He is an avid collector of cars from the 30's onward. My modest means afford me a Power Wagon, his affords him a Mercedes 540K and a same period Chrysler Imperial. Asked which of the two is the better car, he stated "The Chrysler, hands down." Why? "Chrysler was innovative and technologically ahead of everyone else of that time." I don't know what the Dodge brothers would think of the marque today, but cars of all brands and nations sport technology that was first engineered into production vehicles by Chrysler/Dodge and company.