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Its all my dads fault

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  • ruger1978$
    started a topic Its all my dads fault

    Its all my dads fault

    My father was my hero, he was born in 1925 and only had a 3rd grade education, yet was one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met, especially when it came to cars and trucks, he was always a dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler guy. He loved dodge trucks, i grew up around everything mopar, i was born in 1968 and my brothers born in 53' 54' and 56' were always dragging home something cool, i saw a 71 cuda, 69 charger, 69 roadrunner, 72 duster, 67 satellite, 69 super bee, 70 challenger, and much much more, the 72 duster my oldest brother bought new after he got home from the army, the 67 satellite was destroyed when a gang of guys mistook my brother Vern for someone else, mostly the other ones were just something dragged home probably switched motors or transmission or something and resold.

    my dad bought new a 1967 dodge d 100 slant 6 3 speed on the column, i remember this truck a little bit, it was wrecked three times, once by my brother vern, don't remember who was driving the second time, last by my mother, every time would have been considered totaled by todays standards, but it was rebuilt each time and run like new, but in 74' my dad sold that truck and bought a 73' dodge custom d 100 318 3 speed on the column, that truck i remember well.

    i remember my dad and brother tom doing things with this truck that no truck should be put through, yet it survived and would have taken a lot more, then my brother tom bought a 1977 dodge warlock w150 green with the black bucket seats, that has been my favorite truck of all, i lost my parents to cancer when i was young, my mother in 1976 and my father in 1980, but my love ( addiction, disease, whatever its called) i have never lost.

    i have a had a 1977 w200, 1978 w150 ramcharger, 1979 w150 warlock, 84' dodge d150, 94' d1500, 95' w2500, 99 w2500 cummins, 2002 w1500, and now a 2005 3500 quad cab dually cummins 4x4, my son is a junior in high school and i think hes got the sickness for dodge trucks worse then i i blame this all on my dad i just wished he was still here to see what he has done. thanks