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My 1st new car was a Dodge

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  • My 1st new car was a Dodge

    My 1st new car was a 1971 Dodge Dart Sport. Blue 2 door. Slant 6. You could not kill that engine with a sledge hammer in 6 weeks. It was 1,995.00 cash or 50 bucks down, and 50 bucks a month. When I traded it in in 76, my trade in was more than I paid for it.

    I now have a 2000, Dodge Grand Caravan bought new, it now has 334,000 miles on the original engine, tranny, and injectors. Dodge 2001 1500 Ram, bought new, with 255,000 miles on it now, and a Dodge 2008 Magnum, with 65,000.

    My Daughter 1st car was a PT Cruiser, and my son 1st new vehicle was a Dodge Dakota.