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I don't know why ??

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  • I don't know why ??

    I aint exactly sure when I became interested in the only truck that's a REAL TRUCK , but I would guess it was sometime in the middle to late 1960s when I lived a my uncles garage and helped him around the shop and on tow runs and such. he had soooooo many old cars and trucks in his back lot and the wrecking yard was another story wow!! the first truck that caught my eye was an old half rusty 1934 diamond T pickup half sunk into the desert sand.....I can still see it settin there with a dozen or more other old wrecks shoved up around it . the other truck setting around 20 yards away in about the same kind of condition was an old ww2 power wagon with about half of the left front wrinkled clear back to the cab .. that is the only truck that over all these years has most probably been the truck that has stuck in my brain as something I could some day maybe own...........FAST forward 50 years............................... I finally have enough of the spare greenbills laying around to be able to get that old truck setting where I still see it in my head. sooo , I looked, and looked for months before I found something that was running, in original condition as it was used, 90% , maybe 97and a half % all factory original parts, and all but the motor with matching numbers, but the motor as well was rebuilt by Chrysler, probably more than 10 or 20 years ago and runs like a top! starts every time even at -20 degrees ... needless to go on about I just have to say, I really have no understanding of what took me so dern long ?? HAPPY NOW THO !!!! and its a FARGO.

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    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your story with us. Enjoy and hopefully we can keep up to date with you on your project.
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      Just stumbled upon this story. I like reading stuff like this. Hopefully you are enjoying it more and more every day.