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My First Power Wagon

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  • My First Power Wagon

    My first 1953 B-3 PW 126 Civilian Dodge Power Wagon. My dad owning a 1947 WDX and This is what got my obsession started! I was 16 years old When I bought this truck, I found many Obstacles I knew I could over come. For this Truck being from Central Montana living its life on a farm, Last knowing the engine ran was somewhere in the Early 90s. at least the seller had told me. Determining the Gas tank was removed, and a little can of gas in the cab I knew I could start getting the truck to run. meanwhile after several tries the engine started sputtering and I something wasn't quite right, by the help of my dad he said it sounded like a valve not working. As I started by taking the head off the engine, and removing the head bolds in reverse order, I did find that the back Exhaust valve was stuck. With a couple days of soaking the stuck valve I slowly began working the valve. Slowly after getting the valve lubricated I looked the rest of the engine over and it was in great shape! Getting a new head gasket, putting the engine back together, I started cleaning the gas tank and hooking it back up and cleaning the Radiator crown. Before I noticed the coolant cap was missing Tho the crown was full of Carpet pieces and dead mice. After hours of boiling/cleaning then putting back together before I knew it I had everything back together and thus we were running! I started the restoration and began rounding up a box and oak floor and rear fenders. This Truck has the PTO Coming out the back with a selective gear speed box. I played a little effort towards the wheel brakes and hand brake, since I knew id just drive around on the ranch in low gear. It has new headliner, a new reupholstered seat and some window seals thus I had myself a Power Wagon dream come to life! 1015111313.jpg 1205110913.jpg 1113111419.jpg 1011121321.jpg

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    Such a fantastic Story. You started your Power Wagon obsession at 16 years old! Wow. That truly shows your dedication to saving these trucks passionately.
    Thank you for sharing this.
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      What a wonderful job you did on the truck.


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        Nice job Charles!
        Tim Ellis

        1953 B4 PW
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          Wow! Rags to riches, a beautiful job.