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Lesson From Your father

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  • Lesson From Your father

    How to NOT go over a rock!!
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    In the Jeep club he belonged to if/when you rolled your rig you had to turn the club plaque upside down until the NEXT guy rolled his.
    Notice the roll bar [lack thereof] and great off road tires.

    I decided NOT to be copilot on this run.
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      Those are really great photos!
      Power Wagon Advertiser monthly magazine, editor & publisher.

      Why is it that the inside of old truck cabs smell so good?


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        Great pics

        Really.... really great. Thanks for sharing.


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          Nice country, I'm just NW of you in Lyons Or. Reminds me of the stories Dad use to tell (and still does) of mom hanging out of the their CJ3B jeep counter balancing it in certain areas. Back in the 60's in Colorado. No roll bar no seat belts. How times are different now.


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            Those pics were taken by Santa Rosa Mtn in SOCAL, just south of Palm Springs.

            I used to work with and rappel out of the UH1N from NAS Lemoore when I worked for the National Park Service in Yosemite 1986-1995 in the Search and Rescue office.
            We also used ANG CH46s for some of the larger searches.
            Rotor wash under those 46s when you were on the hoist was ****, especially in snow/hail.
            Looking at the old pics makes me question my sanity.LOL


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              I learned most of my winch training from my dad.We had(still have) a '56 flat fender Jeep pickup with the Koenig PTO winch.It was used at our Frick #1 sawmill for winching logs onto the sawmill carriage.Quite an experiance for an 11 year old.
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              1998 3500 12 valve Cummins Quadcab 4x4 Dually
              Various and sundry IH farm and construction equipment
              Not enough firearms


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                No knobs on those tires...


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                  Nice clicks...