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Anyone do hanging pedals in a WC?

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  • Anyone do hanging pedals in a WC?

    Hello friends, I am installing Ugly Truckling hanging pedals in a WC52. Thing is, I believe the pedal set is made for the civilian post-war truck, and that the firewall height is taller on the civilian. Any help?
    Ray Suiter was not much help on this, so I already tried that direction.

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    I ended up building my own for my Carryall actually... The kit appeared to not be designed to work for mine when I looked into it so just went with my own built stuff. I believe you may be in my boat unless you want to modify the brackets.
    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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      check this out

      page 43 has a picture as well. There should be other notes tucked away on the thread.


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        Hanging pedals

        Many thanks Alx and Bruce. You have put me on the right track. I was a little confused since Helitool sells these as fitting the WC 51, 52, 62, 63 etc. His products are pretty good, so its surprising these simply don't work.
        -Time to get out the grinder and do some cutting on the helitool kit!