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  • WC53 CarryAll Roof

    What have others done with the WC53 CarryAll roof during restoration? Replacement with canvas doesn't seem appropriate since it will rot out again. Mine has a massive tac welded patch over the opening (probably saved the vehicle while it sat for 40 years waiting for my restoration) that I'll remove ... but what's the best approach for a long term professional replacement?

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    Some people have cut out bead rolled roof panels from later model Suburbans or vans that have somewhat of a convex roof shape and then fitted them and welded them in. I've seen some trucks where a thin wooden insert was built, and then sealed similar to a nice boat deck and then attached with a cut out strip of metal similar in design to the trim work around the front doors that hold the headliner in.

    My truck, when I bought it, had a piece of clear acrylic glued into it. The glue promptly failed and the sheet blew out and flew down the shoulder of the road and was damaged when I was having the truck transported on a roll back from one shop to another.

    If you know of a good metal working hot rod shop with a large English wheel, power hammer, and bead roller, you could have them work you out a roof panel patch that will fit in place, match the radius of the roof, and also have a few beads for rigidity.
    1942 WC53 Carryall in progress.


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      WC53 roof

      When you say "restore" what do you mean? If you are restoring the truck then the original set up is pretty much mandatory. if you are bringing it back to life there are a few ways to go about filling in the hole.


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        I was thinking possibly doing a really lightweight fiberglass insert. Mostly because I have the connections to get most anything like that done around here. Mine has ,not the roof which would have fit nice, but what looks like the side of a van welded in there.

        Mostly I just try not to look up..

        -jim lee


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          Thanks Alxj64 and Jim Lee

          Thank you for the feedback. I'll find a local tradesman that can fashion an insert. That seems like the most reasonable approach.

          All my best.


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            Inserts for carryall roofs

            I would have gone for an insert if my truck was not going to see much bush time, those branches would have torn up the fabric. One thing to consider is adding drains to each corner of the trough. No matter how well you seal the trough it will collect water and create rust. Little tubes welded to each corner would not be seen and the rubber drain tube would hide behind the interior. Not original but it would save the truck long term.
            The reason I asked what you planned to do with the truck was because there are several discussions on roofs tucked away in the Carryall thread. Pictures too.
            Be interesting to know what having a steel insert would cost - an insert for a 32 Ford runs about $1200 US. A fibreglass insert - like what Lee was talking about, might be cheaper if you did it yourself or had some real nice friends. If you go the steel insert route some of the suburban roofs had no ribs and the loft would be close. I have seen this done, but I do not know where I ran across the pictures or where the discussion occurred. It was on the internet, but I can not find it. Who says " the internet is forever?"