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1942 Ambulance Chassis . . . Free!?!?

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  • 1942 Ambulance Chassis . . . Free!?!?

    I recently became very interested in Dodge Power Wagons and plan to buy and restore one, but my wife told me I couldn't buy one. . . so I found a guy trying to clear his property that needed this old 1942 Ambulance chassis removed. It was several hundred feet in the forest with no trail to get to it. So I borrowed a trailer, grabbed some buddies and went to stake my claim. Took a few hours to get it out of the woods and onto the trailer but we got it. To my surprise the guy helping the property owner (who is in his 90's) and even helped push the chassis onto the trailer. The owner of the ambulance found the title (an added bonus for the price of free), included a bill of sale to for me, and still had the bill of sale when he bought it for $50 in 1975. He gave me a bag of paperwork that included some old receipts and the bill of sale from 1963 when the previous owner bought it from a car lot, along with half a dozen photos of the car from the late 40's to late 50's.

    I attached some pictures of it from pulling it out of the forest to getting it home. Also, I am trying to identify the motor. The serial number stamped on the motor reads "PI8*I7887*" could someone help me identify the engine? I'll keep posting updates as I clean it up and hopefully get the motor to turnover and run.
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    Great find and a cool story and history to go with it.

    PI8 I believe is the 218 Cu In Plymouth Engines. 95 to 100 HP. I had one in a 46 PW and it was old and tired and left the truck under powered. Same size as the 230 engine the PW came with, just smaller displacement.
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      So upon further inspection I found a tag on the passenger door jam that reads "4289 89" anyone know what that means? Maybe the 42 stands for 1942 and the 89 is the unit number.
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        cant get pics to workl?