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Combat Wheels... How to remove the bolt on ring that is rusted on?

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  • Combat Wheels... How to remove the bolt on ring that is rusted on?

    I've got two combat wheels, and would like to remove tires, to inspect the wheel, sand blast the parts and replace the tire. This is my first foray into working on any wheel of this era, and I am unsure where to start, or what tools are helpful. Eventually I would like to break down and prep some M37 wheels as well..

    Will a couple of tire spoon's and the duck billed tire sledge work to get the process started?


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    Some folks have wrapped chain around the tire and rim and added air - that method I find a bit scary.
    Others have wailed away with a number of tools including the tire sledge and had success.
    If the tire is trash I have cut the tire and then carefully cut the bead and then started wailing on the remains of the tire - they seem to stick more with every additional year that they were attached to the rim.

    have at her


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      Thanks Bruce. Up to this point the rim has resisted my efforts... maybe cutting the tire off is my best path forward.



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        I just pounded the heck out of them since its a good idea to replace the rings with new ones anyways. At $25.00 each, its worth every dime.


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          Point well made. Thanks Texcwa.. I can be a bit more blunt in my efforts understanding it is good practice to replace the ring.