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    Again, thank you for your time! Your explanation makes perfect sense, especially where machining is involved. Last time I used a slide rule was my first year in the College of Engineering at Ohio State many years ago!

    I checked the specs for the Pierce universal belt-driven governor. The drawings had enough detail to afford interpolation of the measurements you highlighted. Distance centerline-to-centerline from rocker shaft to pivot shaft is approximately 1-7/8 inches. As for the distance vertically centerline-to-centerline, it comes in at 5/8 inches; considerably less than your governor. Not sure this is as critical as the angular displacement of the rocker shaft which is limited to 15 degrees of angular displacement. Any deficit here would involve change the length of control rods.

    One good feature of this model is its application flexibility. The mounting flange has four different positions, the pivot shaft can be mounted on either side, and the rocker shaft is exposed on bothe sides. Distance from the mounting flange to the end of the pulley shaft is 2.86 inches. Shaft diameter is 0.6245 inches. It may not be a good match for a purist, but I would think it might be a player in terms of functionality.

    I have a 5'x10' plasma CNC system that can handle the in-cab governor control as well as the mounting bracket. Initial problem is I don't have either part to reverse engineer. Any idea where I can find either drawings or dimensions? As for the dog clutch, it would not make sense to destroy one just to reverse engineer. I have a few ideas regarding a simple disconnect mechanism and will engage the pulley dilemma after I can get past the basics you have identified.

    Best regards...