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1948 power wagon project

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  • Texcwa,
    I have the turn signals that mount on my fenders and are not LED so the 3 prong flasher I have works with my led tail lights. If I were to replace them to be LED I will have a problem as you suggest.

    My cowl lights i plan plan on using as running lights at this point. I did not think of using them as turn signals as you did. If I had know this I would have welded up the holes before I had my fenders powder coated.

    thanks for the help with the low oil pressure. As discussed that piston and spring seem to be in good shape.

    I will drain the oil and see if there is an issue with it. I have too much according to my dip stick and that may show a larger issue.


    • Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. May all your projects go smoothly this coming year.


      • Merry Christmas!
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        • A few days late, but Merry Christmas to you guys, and Happy New Year.


          • Merry Christmas everyone. I wish you all the best. May you and your families be safe and healthy this coming year.


            • Todd, hope you are well. Do you have an update on this project?
              How about a few pics of your new projects?
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              • Well it has been a very long time since my last post.

                I finally got the headliner in. Took two of us 4 hours. Definitely a two person job unless there are tricks I was not aware of.

                In the process I discovered the upper windshield trim piece still needs to be painted.
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                • Merry Christmas to everyone.

                  May you and your families be healthy in the coming year and for those recovering from something already may it be quick.

                  I would also like to wish that everyone’s project moves forward without any unforeseen hiccups.


                  • Thank you for the Christmas wishes, and here’s to a good and productive New Year.
                    Also, thank you for all the time you took to take photos and post them for posterity- will help others with similar ideas.


                    • Well I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

                      My apologies I haven’t posted on my projects in awhile.

                      So I pulled the engine / transmission on my original power wagon and found that one cylinder will have to be bored past 0.06 to fix the scoring at the top of cylinder 1. Trying to figure out a good solution on that one.

                      The second truck (actually the first one I started working on and had the cab stretched 5”) after getting out of legal /court has moved along. First it was sent up north to get a 2006 Dodge 2500 drive train installed on a custom built frame. From there I had to many items to get it ready to be moved to paint. Some include
                      - modified the front support to get the shocks in the mid range and the level of the truck I wanted
                      - completed the firewall to maintain max room in the cab for pedals
                      - mounted the bed
                      - fabricated mounts for spare tire that was moved to the bed. Stuck to far out to be above the running boards.
                      - mounted additional automatic running board steps under the current running boards.


                      • Finally painting the truck that started close to 6 years ago.

                        it is good to see. But knowing that there is still a long way to go before completion I only hope there are no more serious delays.
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                        • Looks fantastic, whish I could do body work and paint. Have you started painting on the extended cab? I'm still working on the flatbed. Got the frame finished, picked up the milled wood (using Black Oak, a bit different than White or Red but is the type of Oaks grown in our area and has a great grain pattern, see attached). Does not have finish on it yet, thinking of using Odie's Oil with light stain mixed into it and still need to drill and fasten 6 of the boards then sand down bed to make nice and flat.
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                          • Don,
                            They have wet sanded the bed panels last week and are painting the chassis / drive train this week. Cab hopefully too but will probably have to wait until they come back next year.

                            I passed on painting this truck as I am looking for a top notch job.

                            Your bed is looking great and the black oak has some great character that will look awesome once you stain it.


                            • The assembly of the truck is finally underway.

                              Cab, engine, transmission, and transfer case will be waiting for 2023 to be painted.
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                              • I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

                                Thanks to everyone who has helped me this past year. May everyone’s project proceed smoothly this coming year.