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My 1949 Power Wagon - 'Sherman'

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  • My 1949 Power Wagon - 'Sherman'

    ​​​​​​Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to the site but I thought I'd start off by introducing myself. My name is Lance and I'm a native Minnesotan but haven't live there since I was 17...then I joined the Army. I currently reside in Arizona and owning a Power Wagon has been on my bucket list for sometime.

    I often found myself plugging Power Wagon into Craigslist and seeing what turns up...low and behold I did that a back in January and stumbled onto the Power Wagon that I'd have to bring home with me. :)


    I'm now the 3rd owner of this Power Wagon that was originally owned by the U.S. Department of Entomology and purchased by the gentlemen I got the truck from back in the early 80's. He rebuilt the original motor, transmission and re cored the radiator. He then had it painted from the original yellow to the green you see in the pictures.

    Right now I currently have the truck at a local shop here in PHX where we are going to restore it to pristine condition.
    U.S. Army Veteran
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    Again, welcome. Looks like you found yourself a clean truck to start with. Can.t wait to see the progress you make on it.


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      Looking forward to your rebuild story! Welcome.
      Tim Ellis

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        Fantastic looking truck, such a great platform to start from. I am guessing it spent its life out west?
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          Yes it's been in AZ all of it's life.

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        Very nice truck! Exciting times! Welcome aboard!


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          That is a very nice truck. Good luck on your rebuild.