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2017 Alpine Sound System Upgrade

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  • 2017 Alpine Sound System Upgrade

    I like the new Ram with the Alpine sound system but I must admit that itís front dash speakers are not exactly clear, especially at higher frequencies. For example, cymbals sort of buzz.

    Following some guidelines that I found on the internet, I decided to use the newer Infinity X REF-3032cfx speakers to replace the paper cone lovelies in Eyoreíís dash (yes, his name is Eyore). I popped off the covers (being careful with the light sensor cable on the center cover). I wound up using a 9/32Ē ignition wrench and a tiny 1/4 ratcheting driver with a 9/32Ē socket to get the 7mm screws out due to the tight space by the windshield. I added Metra 71-039C adaptors, being careful to support the tiny speaker terminals when pressing on the connectors. Itís not my first rodeo, Iíve broken speaker connections before. Sigh. Anyway, itís a great upgrade. Cymbals now sound like a real musical instrument. Iím quite happy.

    I personally hate boom-boom and keep the bass turned down because the factory box is a little one-noted. I typically design my own speaker enclosures so that I can hear music with a good frequency response and no thumping is allowed. So, Iím changing the woofer next but if it doesnít straighten up, its days are limited. Iíll design an enclosure with a flat response (Q of .707) to replace the factory unit if need be.

    My inspiration came from here:

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    Wow. All of my apostrophes have been randomized. What a world, what a world! Iím itís ownerís - letís see how this comes out! ;)


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      Copping and pasting text results in some interesting reading sometimes.
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        I love the factory Power Wagon stereo in my 2012. It has great sound and has the ability to "Boom" Just right if I am listening to the right Merle Haggard or Jim Croche song.
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