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W500 Seal Part Number....

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  • W500 Seal Part Number....

    Has anyone had any luck finding a part number for the front inner hub seal number for the FDS750 front axle?

    I am in the midst of doing a disc brake conversion and figure if I am in this far (down to spare spindles) I might as well replace as many parts as I can (already have bearings and races). Mine aren't leaking (at least not enough to worry about) and don't want to pry mine off (in other words wreck them) unless I can be sure there are replacements available.I can't find any reference online to this axle and therefore no part numbers....

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    Had a local drive train shop search through their catalog archives (catalogs back to the early 70's) and all numbers come back inactive or obsolete. Guess I am going to get creative....

    It appears the hub seals from a military 2.5ton axle are the same I.D. But are smaller O.D. (approximately 1/2inch) so I think I can have some wear rings machined to take of the difference.


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      There is a guy on some of the Dodge & Power Wagon sites named Terry, goes by PowerWagon Driver (abbreviated). He lives in California & has owned about every type of Dodge truck imaginable including I believe W500's. He likely would know what crosses over from other axles.

      Also the Ford F600 4x4 used the same axle back in the day.

      I think Meritor is now the owner of what was Rockwell.