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Electric M37?

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    Agreed. When I was looking at 100LL was before I learned how to remove ethanol from premium unleaded. As I’ve been bumping into this problem out here for almost 10 years, I think I’ll do the electric conversion. Not that I don’t like getting intimate with my truck’s fuel supply...


    • Doc Dave
      Doc Dave commented
      Editing a comment
      One other option for you all.
      We have a bulk gas and oil supplier who well sell ethanol free and deliver it if you buy 100 gallons at a time.
      I got a 100 gal tank from tractor supply and now run ethanol free in all my power wagons and small engines. Also occasionally in my street vehicles.

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    Nice idea, Doc!


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      Well. Batteries are expensive and I’ll need a lot of them. I’m upgrading the rear suspension to carry the extra weight and still be a useful truck. Bob at Electric Vehicles of America in neighboring New Hampshire has estimated I could get as much as 100 miles on a charge with enough batteries and two 35 hp motors in series. 144V, 400 amp hours. The batteries will cost twice what the motors and control system. But I have a heated barn, a long winter ahead and a poorly running 67 year old internal combustion truck that I dearly love. I’m going for it. I’ll send postcards.