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Remembering the Fallen Dodgers

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  • Alxj64
    Cheers friend!
    One day, hopefully a long long time from now, maybe some of us will be cheered for.
    I think what else is important, is that we cheer for each other now, while we are here, sharing this experience.

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  • Matthew Welcher PWA
    started a topic Remembering the Fallen Dodgers

    Remembering the Fallen Dodgers

    Just last week I found out and heard that Bob Stahl of Veteran Vehicles had past away.
    Bob was the kind of Dodger that was so very mechanical and loved to share his knowledge with you. I spent many hours on the phone with Bob, learning about differentials and setting up ring and pinions. He always made me smile And I enjoyed learning from him.

    And just today, I heard that Paul Cook of the Texas Power Wagon Museum has passed.
    Paul was a wealth of knowledge and history of the Power Wagons and Dodges. He traveled to see many of us and share a story or two.

    I can't help but think of all of the knowledge that has been lost, but smile knowing we are here to share with others.
    What have you all learned from those that are no longer with us. Raise a glass and cheers.