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My W600 almost stranded me today

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  • My W600 almost stranded me today

    Backdrop: 1975 W600 with 318-2v & NP540 5-speed.

    I used to drive this rig weekly, rarely had any issues. But the past couple of years I wouldn't drive it but did start it almost every Saturday & let it run for a minute or two.

    Sometimes it'd run/idle rough or needed a splash of gas to fire, but usually would get going. I figured the carb needed attention & not continually putting fresh gasoline in didn't help.
    I rebuilt the carb (Carter BBD w manual choke) a couple of months ago. It would run fine but still required that initial splash of gas to fire. I noticed the rubber parts (hoses) of the fuel line were bad, plus gas was getting into my crankcase. I traced this to faulty fuel pump. It was leaking into the crankcase as well as externally, but still managed to supply enough gas to run the engine (at least while parked).

    I replaced the fuel pump with a new $20 one made in China. I wasn't happy but that's all they had. Replaced the rubber hoses too. And changed my oil & filter.
    Engine would start & run fine, but only after priming the carb. No leaks.

    I primed the carb yesterday, started to engine & let it run a few minutes. Today I tried to start it without priming, figuring it might work since it had only been 24 hours since it had ran. Nope, it cranked a few times then the weak battery wouldn't spin it fast enough. Battery has been weak for 3-4 months as well. So I primed the carb & hit the key (no booster required) , it started as normal.

    So I let it warm a bit then decided to drive it around the neighborhood. She is cold natured so you have to use all 3 of your feet to keep it alive until you get full temp & rolling.

    It ran normal through 2nd & 3rd gears a couple of times on residential streets. I don't use 1st, it's a non-synch granny gear. But when I got out on the main street (40 mph speed limit), she would lay down once I got going in 4th. Never made it to 5th. It felt like either running out of gas, or air. I don't think it was vapor lock due to it being cloudy & less than 80 degrees at the time. I don't think it's an air problem due to it having manual choke. I strolled through several streets in the neighborhood. 2nd & 3rd no problem, but she couldn't pull 4th gear beyond just lightly cruising.

    I do think either (A) I didn't get the carb together correctly (B) the gas is bad (C) trash is in fuel line or (D) that new chinese fuel pump isn't up to snuff.

    I need to drain the in cab tank & get fresh NON-ethanol gas. Then maybe new carb or order a more expensive, hopefully not chinese made fuel pump. New battery too.

    1975 W600

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    Two thoughts:

    Can you plug in a vacuum-pressure gauge into a "t" and connect it all to the fuel line. Then you can see what the fuel pressure is doing under a load..

    That still does not solve the hard start w/out a splash of fuel. Is the accelerator pump producing a good shot of gas when the throttle is opened?

    I agree it sounds like a fuel problem, although it would not hurt look over the ignition side of the engine.


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      As far as the hard start, I suspect I'm losing fuel from the bowl or maybe the line up to the carb. I will check the accelerator pump next time. I haven't done yet, as it takes a step ladder to climb up there & peer down the throat.

      I will rig up a gauge next time out.

      It may be time to drain the tank too.

      1975 W600


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        I got some bad gas 2 years ago. It caused me a huge headache to figure it all out.
        draining the tank, refilling with fresh and checking The flow is all good advice IMHO.
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          In time I will. Got some critical family items to deal with first.

          1975 W600